The Most Accessible Bike Storage Solution on the Market

Cycling is a sport that everyone should have the opportunity to experience, and it’s our mission to make it easy for anyone to get out there and enjoy riding. By creating a bike rack storage solution that everyone could use, it means one less hurdle standing in the way of our customers taking their bike out for a ride.

But is Steadyrack’s bike rack really accessible?

You bet it is! As one customer mentioned, “My son, who has physical lifting limitations, is able to place his adult-sized e-bike on the Steadyrack bike rack all by himself”. Another customer commented, “easy to use even for those not as strong”.
5 star review of Steadyrack
Apart from lifting your front tyre off the ground using the bikes handlebars, there is another way you can roll the bike onto its rear wheel, with absolutely no lifting required.

Lock and Roll Technique

If you find it a bit difficult to roll the bike onto its rear wheel, using this technique makes the bike feels almost weightless and the process even easier. Here's how to do it:
1. Lock your back brakes.
2. Hold onto the saddle with one hand whilst keeping the brakes locked, and walk backwards.
3. Watch as your front tyre lifts off the ground, and you’ve barely exerted any force or effort!
4. Roll the bike forwards whilst still on its back wheel and into the Steadyrack bike rack.
This technique is especially useful for heavier bikes, such as e-bikes, which can be more difficult to roll onto the rear tyre and into a bike rack.
If you’ve ever tried juggling bikes onto bike hooks or other storage solutions that require you to lift the entire bike up, you’ll understand how cumbersome and difficult it is. We looked at what our competitors were all doing wrong and solved the problem with ease and simplicity.
Tested and loved by thousands of customers, Steadyrack has proven itself as one of the most accessible bike storage solutions on the market. We don’t believe in limitations. Steadyrack has been engineered to be easy for everyone to use, no matter their physical ability. When you store easy with Steadyrack, you can get out there and ride harder.