Multiple Bike Rack Storage

Steadyrack’s multiple bike rack storage has revolutionised the bike parking and bike storage industries by allowing cyclists from around the world to safely and effortlessly secure their bikes on virtually any wall and in almost any space.

Steadyrack’s full range of products (Classic RackMountain Bike Rack (MTB), Fat RackFender Rack or eBike Rack) are the ideal solution for storing more bikes in less space. The unique and patented pivot action gives the option of leaving bikes in the central position or swivelling the rack, 160 degrees, to the left or right as the need arises.

Each of the Steadyracks are safe to use, easy to install and never require any heavy lifting.

Whether you’re looking for multiple racks for your shed or garage, multiple bike rack storage for commercial bike parking (cafes, End-of-Trip, museums, schools, office buildings), at Steadyrack we’ve got the perfect bike rack storage for you and your project.

Single, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 Bike Racks for your Home or Garage

Whether you have a large family, are a pro cyclist or simply enjoy riding, having multiple bikes in your collection makes bike storage complicated. Steadyrack is the solution to your bike rack storage issues.

Whether it’s bike racks for 4, 5 or 6 bikes, our award-winning, revolutionary design allows you to install multiple bike racks mounted on the wall next to each other, freeing up precious space in your garage, home, or apartment.

The Steadyrack’s unique pivot action gives the option of leaving bikes in the central position or swivelling the rack 160-degrees, to the left or right, as you need to, allowing bikes to fold over each other. Our multi bike racks provide an ideal storage solution where space is valuable, as they allow you to create more floor space.

Which multi bike rack storage solution is right for my bike?

Our bike racks are safe to use, easy to install, and don’t require any heavy lifting. More importantly, our unique 160-degree pivot feature allows for efficient storage and accessibility in tight spaces.

Why Choose Steadyrack for Your 1, 2, 3 or 4 Bike Rack Storage Solution?

Steadyrack was created out of a need for mounting multiple bikes on a wall to create space in our CEO’s garage, so we know and understand the difficulty most bike owners face when storing multiple bikes in small areas or where space is limited. As well as this, our unique, award winning and patented design requires no heavy lifting and makes it for people of all ages to roll their bikes onto a Steadyrack – even kids!

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