Personal Bike Storage

Steadyrack’s wall-mounted bike racks are a unique, patented bike storage solution. They are easy to use, easy to load and unload and save space in your home or garage while keeping your bikes safe & secure.


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Steadyrack offers a unique, patented bike storage solution that is easy to use and saves space. Steadyrack's can be used for your personal bike storage in your home garage, inside your living room, in a bike store, in your apartment , on your balcony or, in fact, almost anywhere you have some wall space.

No Lifting

No need to lift and juggle your bikes onto a hook, just balance your bike on the back wheel and push and it will roll up into the rack.

Our racks are loved by bike riders because there is no lifting required. The Steadyrack works using a pushing and pulling action to load and unload bikes, making it suitable for people of all ages, capabilities and strengths.

We have a variety of racks available suitable for many different types of bikes including e-bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, fat bikes and bikes with or without fenders.

Space Saving

Steadyrack’s revolutionary design saves more of your valuable floor space.

Steadyrack bike racks can be mounted to virtually any wall and will conveniently swivel up to 160 degrees, from side to side. This allows for much greater flexibility and significant space saving advantages. Unlike static racks, bikes can be overlapped in Steadyracks and stored much closer together without sacrificing ease of loading and unloading or access to individual bikes.

Steadyracks can be installed as close as 350mm apart and due to the swivel action, can be overlapped. When the rack is empty, the arm simply folds away.

Safe, Secure & Lockable

Bikes fit snugly into Steadyrack bike racks. There is virtually no risk of bikes falling over or falling out of the Steadyrack, making them safer to use and minimizes the risk of damaging adjacent bikes, cars or causing injury to users. The racks fold closed when not in use.

Bikes can be securely locked to our racks using conventional chain or D type locks.

Bikes will not easily dislodge or swing around and cause injury or damage to people, cars or adjacent bikes. If someone bumps into a bike in our racks the pivoting arms will move and will absorb the impact. This prevents damage or injury from accidental dislodging or swinging around.

Built To Last

Made with high quality steel components and plastics which will last a very long time when properly maintained.

Change your bike, no need to change racks. If they have a front wheel one of our racks will suit meaning your Steadyrack can outlast your bike and potentially any future bikes as well.

Easy To Use

The unique design of the Steadyrack bike rack means there’s no lifting required.

Open the support arms, balance the bike on the rear wheel then use a pushing and pulling action to load and unload bikes into and out of the two support arms.

You are able to load and unload your bikes at any angle. No need to move cars out or unload other bikes to get your bike out of the racks or juggle bikes in the air and line up with a hook.

Steadyrack is easy to use for people of all ages, capabilities and strengths and means even heavy bikes can be easily hung up on a wall.

Easy To Install

Even if you’re not super handy, Steadyracks are very easy to install.

Each Steadyrack comes with fixings included for timber or masonry installation and detailed instructions. They can also be mounted to any stable vertical surface capable of holding the weight of both the rack and bike.

You can find spacing and planning information along with installation videos, and instructions on our installation advice page.

Protect Your Bike

The only contact with the rack when a bike is loaded is with the front tire.

Steadyrack uses the tire like a cushion to support the bike weight.

Unlike other racks available Steadyrack won't damage your wheels, rims or the bike frame. They are also suitable for storing disc wheels as no part of the rack needs to touch the spokes.


Designed for bikes with:

Wheel Diameter: 20″ – 29″
Tyre Width: Up to 2.1”
Maximum Weight: 35kg
No fenders/mudguards


Typical bikes include:

Road, Hybrid, Small MTB, BMX


Designed for bikes with:

Wheel Diameter: 20″ – 29″
Tyre Width: 2.1” – 2.8″
Maximum Weight: 35kg
No fenders/mudguards


Typical bikes include:

MTB, E-MTB, Gravel


Designed for bikes with:

Wheel Diameter: 20″ – 29″
Tyre Width: Up to 2.4”
Maximum Weight: 25kg


Typical bikes include:

Road, Time Trial, Hybrid, Small MTB, Commuter, City, Town, E-Bikes - with Fenders

Designed for bikes with:

Wheel Diameter: 20″ – 29″
Tyre Width: Up to 5”
Maximum Weight: 35kg
No Fenders/Mudguards


Typical bikes include:

Fat Bikes, E-Bikes with 'Fat' Tyres