Commercial Indoor Bike Parking

With more people around the world cycling to work, end-of-trip (EOT) indoor bike parking has never been more important in a commercial space. Here at Steadyrack, we provide Revit files and design guidelines so you can begin planning your commercial indoor bike parking facilities in your office straight away! Over the years, our team has worked on a wide range of large indoor bike parking projects across a variety of industries around the globe. From equipping the Woodside Tower in Perth, WA with over 300 Steadyracks, to installing 400 racks in Scott Sports headquarters in Switzerland, and fitting out the Facebook offices in Singapore, amongst many others, there’s no commercial indoor bike rack solution we can’t provide.

Commercial Indoor Bike Parking for Office Buildings

Installing EOT indoor bike parking facilities at your office is an
excellent way to encourage more employees to take up cycling and ensure those who already commute on their bikes have a safe place to store them during the day.
With Steadyrack’s indoor bike parking, you can ensure employee’s bikes are
safe from theft and the elements outside. Help your employees store it easily with Steadyrack so they start the day on the right foot.

Commercial Indoor Bike Parking for Bike Stores

What do you need when you’re selling bikes? Excellent bike storage, of course!
Keep your stock safe and protected with our commercial indoor bike racks. Used by the likes of Trek, Giant, Scott Sports and Specialized to store their bikes in-store, you’re in trusted hands with Steadyrack’s indoor bike parking solutions. Our Revit files and design guidelines are easily found on our website, or simply reach out to discuss your commercial indoor bike parking needs today.
See our indoor bike parking range below.


Our Indoor Bike Parking Projects

End of trip (EOT) Facility | Perth, Australia
Warrington Property Group

'Hotel quality' end of trip facilities in this multi-storey building in the Perth CBD were created as part of a major renovation. They comprise Steadyrack bike parking, locker and change room facilities and a dedicated bike repair station.

End of trip (EOT) Facility | Frasers Tower, Singapore

Frasers Tower is an exclusive 38-storey Premium Grade A office development situated within Singapore’s core Central Business District. There you can find a custom designed EOT facility including 117 Steadyrack bike racks, lockers & change rooms.

Showroom | Queensland, Australia
AQ Bike

AQBIKE are a mechanical service committed to outstanding workmanship, product knowledge and a love and passion of anything cycling related. They have incorporated the use of Steadyrack bike parking for merchandising, sales and display of their bikes.

End of Trip Facility | Perth, Australia
Brookfield Place

State of the art end of trip facilities were a top priority in this building including bike parking for over 300 bicycles.

End of Trip Facility | Perth, Australia
Raine Square

Significant bike parking facilities including Steadyrack bike racks, lockers and change rooms.

End of Trip Facility | Perth, Australia
Central Park

For those who prefer to ride to work, Central Park offers tenants a complete Ride and Park facility to ensure you arrive at work refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

The facilities include bike parking for over 240 bicycles.

Please note: We no longer produce yellow racks as standard. However, we can customise colours to suit your building fit out. Minimum order quantities apply. Contact us to enquire.

Every end of trip indoor bike parking project is unique so we have created a suite of design guidelines, floor plans, elevations and perspectives which will help you to plan the most efficient use of the space and optimise the parking in each of your projects. Alternatively get in contact with us to discuss your commercial project.

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