A professional ultra-cyclist born in Perth Western Australia, Jack relocated to Spain in 2019. Referred to in the media as ‘The Most Extreme Cyclist on Earth,’ Jack pushes the boundary of what is humanly possible on a bike, exploring the limits of human physiology both physically and mentally. Jack holds multiple Guinness World Records and Fastest Known Times (FKT’s) around the globe.

Jack has become widely regarded for mixing his extreme feats on a bike with philanthropic social impact projects off it, using the media attention garnished as a result of his cycling exploits, to generate meaningful discussion around mental health disorders within the wider community. In 2022 he broke multiple world records while raising $500,000 for mental health non-profits and in 2023 he presented to roughly 5,000 children in WA’s South West, around the notion of having a dream and working towards achieving it.

When Jack’s not on a bike, eating bucket loads of food or with his feet up enjoying a siesta, you can find him enjoying a surf and in the company of his wife Meritxell in the North of Spain.

A Closer Look at Jack's Bike Storage

Jack has a total of eight racks installed - four Classic Racks, two MTB Racks, and two eBike Racks. He has spaced them all 600mm apart which allows him to pivot the racks against the large wall space that he has. It also means that Jack can sort through his collection of bikes with ease to access the bike he wants to ride.