Extra Security for Lock Brackets

Want to add even more security when using your Steadyrack Lock Bracket?

Make your Lock Bracket Tamper-Proof with Security Screws and Fasteners

Tamper-proof screws and fasteners are designed to prevent the theft or removal of the items they are used to secure, keeping your favourite bike (and your favourite Steadyrack) secure.

Tamper-proof options include Security Screws, Security Sleeve Anchors, Security Caps and Enclosures, Security Nuts and Security Metal Thread. You simply replace the mounting screws that came with your Steadyrack with your choice of tamper-proof fasteners. Contact your local specialist hardware store for information about the best security fastening option for your situation.

Security screws, also known as tamperproof screws, are otherwise standard screws but with a unique head, making them nearly impossible to remove with common tools. There are different kinds of security screws available that have different heads to secure your Lock Bracket:

  • Hexalobular Recess
  • Pin Hex Recess
  • Torx
  • Snake Eye
  • Clutch Head
  • There’s a great range of security options available to give you greater peace of mind if you’d like to take it to the next level from just a bike lock. Visit your local hardware store to get their advice and get the best added security option for you and your bike.

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