Bikes are awkward to store, that’s for sure. If you’re lacking floor space in your garage or home, don’t rely on bike hooks - vertical wall mount bike storage is your best option.

Unfortunately, most people immediately think this means bike hooks for mounting your bike on the wall. Wrong. Steadyrack is trying to revolutionise the misconceptions surrounding vertical bike hook storage by proving that bike hooks are not the only alternative to floor storage, and they downright suck. This is why - juggling your bike up into a hook is awkward. Using hooks is a generally unpleasant activity. When you've returned from a long ride the last thing you want to do is try fit that hook in between your wheel spokes, whilst holding it awkwardly above your head and getting tyre marks on your walls. A Steadyrack involves no lifting, no juggling, and no awkward positioning - simply stand the bike up on its back wheel and roll it forwards into the Steadyrack.

Bikes can be heavy

Your average bike can weigh around 12kg, which isn't a lot when you are riding it, or resting it up against a wall, but can be a lot when trying to lift it into a bike hook on a wall. Because of the lifting action bike hooks require, a lot of people struggle to use them. Steadyracks require no lifting.

Bike hooks do not carry much weight and bikes can be heavy!

Because most bike hanging hooks are made of plastic or a lightweight material, they carry very little weight. This means they don't hold heavier bikes like fat bikes, bikes with fenders, bikes with accessories, or eBikes. Steadyracks can carry an extraordinary amount of weight, up to 35kg. Take our Fat Rack for example, which has even been tested under 100kg loads and still works perfectly.

Bike hooks damage your rims

Most bike hooks for a wall sit between your wheel spokes and rest up against the rim. This places the majority of force on a very small section of your rims, causing damage. Other bike hooks rely on your bike frame for support, causing similar damage. The Steadyrack bike rack only comes into contact with your bike tyres, making it the best solution for your bike.

Most bicycle hooks for the garage or wall are made of plastic or material that does not withstand time

Planning on hanging your bike outside? You probably shouldn't risk it with a bicycle hook since most hooks are manufactured using plastic and have a short life span when exposed to the elements for a long amount of time. You need something stronger.

Want to store your bike flat against the wall? Most other vertical bike hooks for the wall only place your bike 90 degrees against the wall. Steadyrack’s allow you to fold your bike almost completely flat against the wall with very little effort. This takes up less space and allows you to store more bikes in the one location.

Which Bike Stand Is Right for My Bike?

Our bicycle rack stands are easy to install in your garage or home and don’t require any heavy lifting, which means they’re safe to use. They also feature a unique 160-degree pivot which allows for accessibility in tight spaces and efficient storage, no matter where you install them.


With a Steadyrack, there is no need to lift or juggle your bikes. Just balance your bike on the back wheel, push it in and allow the rack to do the lifting. An easy motion suitable for people of all ages and strengths.

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Steadyrack’s revolutionary design allows you to store your bike upright, off the floor and saves more of your valuable floor space. When the bike rack is empty, the arms simply fold away.

Yes, you can lock your bikes into our racks with a D-Lock or Chain lock. This is sufficient to prevent opportunist theft and adequate if your bikes are stored in a private carpark. If your bikes are in a location fully accessible to the public, we recommend installing ourLock Bracketor a steel rail to the wall underneath the rack to attach a locking device to. As with everything, take caution when storing your bike in a public place, as professional thieves can generally get around any locking system.

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