Fender Rack
Fender Rack
Fender Rack
Fender Rack

Fender Rack

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Steadyrack’s Fender Rack is one of the only racks available to store bikes with fenders or mudguards without scratching the frame.
Fender Rack
Regular price$99.99

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Best for
Bikes WITH Fenders, Road, Time Trial, Hybrid, Small MTB, Commuter, City, Town

Designed for bikes with:

Wheel Diameter: 20” – 29”

Tyre Width: Up to 2.4”

Maximum Weight: 25kg

Bikes with Fenders/Mudguards

The Fender Rack

Combining all of the design benefits of our Classic Rack, our Fender Bike Rack accommodates bikes with fenders or mudguards. Now you can safely and securely store your bike without any heavy lifting and maximise your storage efficiency with the Steadyrack Fender Rack.

If you have an aero or a time trial bike, then the Steadyrack Fender Rack is the right storage product for your bike. These types of bikes usually have a very small gap between the front tyre and the down tube. Thanks to the innovative saddle rest on the Fender Rack, the rack can slide easily in between this tight gap to cradle your valuable bike by its tyre, not the frame.

Some bikes with fenders may not be suitable for this rack.

The Steadyrack Fender Rack works by sliding between the fender/mudguard and tyre when rolling the bike onto the rack. If the stays (steel arms connecting the fender to the bike frame) are very close to the tyre or rigid with no flexibility there may not be room to fit the rack arms between and you will not be able to mount the bike in the rack.

We recommend a minimum 2cm / 3/4 inch clearance between the tyre and stays to enable the rack to flex and fit between.

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How to measure your bike

When deciding between our different bike racks, it comes down to tyre diameter (A), wheel diameter (B) and if you have fenders/mudguards.

Match your tyre width and wheel diameter to our bike rack types to find the best Steadyrack to suit your bike. Learn more about measuring your bike. We recommend a minimum 2cm / 3/4 inch clearance between the tyre and the fender arm stays to enable the rack to flex and fit between.

Installation Tips

Installing a Steadyrack is easy for anyone with basic DIY skills; no need to hire anyone to do the job! All the fixings required to install into any timber or masonry (concrete/brick) surface are also provided. All you need are a few tools, and you’re ready to go!

Check out our handy video below or view the Installation guide for all the details.

Installing multiple racks?
Check out our Wall Placement Guide for some extra pointers.

Installation guide

  • Dimensions 12cm x 12cm x 72cm
  • Weight 3.1kg
  • Material Chrome plated steel and plastic
  • Maximum Tyre Width Up to 2.4”
  • Recommended Wheel Diameter (inc Tyre) 20” – 29”
  • Bike Style Bikes WITH Fenders, Road, Time Trial, Hybrid, Small MTB, Commuter, City, Town
  • Bikes With Fenders Yes
  • Bikes Without Fenders Yes
  • Maximum Recommended Weight 25kg
  • Will hanging my bike damage the bike frame or forks?
    Hanging a bike in Steadyrack will not cause any damage to your bike. No part of the bike frame touches the rack, only the front tyre, which is cradled in the steel arms.
    Can I store my eBike with fenders in a Fender Rack?
    Yes – our Fender Rack can store all bikes, including bikes and eBikes with fenders, up to 25kg/55lbs. The fender saddle slots in between your bikes tyre and fender, meaning no part of your bike touches the rack.
    Can I load a heavier bike than 25kg into a Fender Rack Bike Rack?
    We don’t recommend exceeding the set weight limits for each rack. The extra weight and force of rolling a heavier bike onto the Fender Rack could possibly cause the arms to bend. Working to the weights outlined for each rack will remove any possibility of damaging the rack or your bike. If your bike is heavier and has fenders or mudguards, check out our eBike Rack.
    Will this bike rack for bikes with Fenders suit my aero/time trial bike?
    Yes – our Fender Rack is compatible and the rack we would recommend for people with aero/time trial bikes. The rubber end on the Fender Rack can easily fit between your tyre and down tube, which is normally a smaller gap on these types of bikes. The added benefit is a Steadyrack Fender Rack won’t damage your frame, which is important for such high-performance bikes!
    Are Steadyrack bike racks safe to use for bikes with hydraulic brakes/forks/suspensions?
    Yes! This a common concern for many bike owners with these types of brakes and suspension. When your bike is hung up vertically, the fluid in your forks will run towards the seals and keep them lubricated. This will prolong their use, so it’s actually good for your bike and forks to hang it vertically on our bike racks. If you have hydraulic brakes on your bike, the fluid will run down when the bike is hung, so we advise pumping the brakes a few times when you take the bike off the rack if it’s been there for a while. The shocks shouldn’t leak when the bike is hung up, however if they do then it’s a good indication that the seals might need replacing. Read our blog post for more information about storing bikes with hydraulic brakes in Steadyracks.
    Can I lock my bike to a Steadyrack?
    You can lock your bikes into our racks with a D Lock or Chain lock. This is sufficient to prevent opportunist theft and adequate if your bikes are stored in a private carpark. If your bikes are in a location fully accessible to the public, we recommend installing a bracket or a steel rail to the wall underneath the rack to attach a locking device to. As with everything, take caution when storing your bike in a public place, as professional thieves can generally get around any locking system.
    Do the racks swing freely?
    Steadyracks are assembled using a specific tension for the nuts (torque setting = 5nm) that holds the central spine to the top and bottom mounting brackets. This setting is designed to give sufficient tension to the pivot to ensure bikes can be loaded on any angle without the rack moving around too much. When you remove the 2 plastic caps from the top and bottom, the nuts are exposed. You can loosen both nuts to free up the rack more, and equally you can tighten them to lock the rack into position. We recommend you maintain them so the racks are stiff but can still be pivoted. The rack can be quite stiff when you use it for the first few times then it loosens up a bit. This is due to the type of fibre washers we use to assist with the stiffening effect.
    Can I lock my Steadyrack into one position or any angle?
    It is not possible to lock the rack solid in one position. However, you can tighten the nuts so the rack will become stiff and will effectively hold it in the one position. To do this, first remove the two plastic mounting bracket covers (End Caps). Next, tighten the two nuts that attach the central pivot bar to the mounting brackets. If you follow these steps, we recommend checking your fixings carefully and making sure they are very secure as any sideways pressure on the rack could damage the mounting bracket.
    Are Steadyracks suitable for apartments?
    Yes our racks are ideal for apartment buildings where the parking is in a secure environment and not exposed directly to the elements.

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