Are you ready for your dream garage?

The need and the desire for overhauling our garages is permeating neighbourhoods and suburbs, as only one in 10 of us are satisfied with our garages. The common denominator is wanting to be more organised, which means our tools, boxes, sporting gear, bikes, over flow of pantry items should be more easily accessed and use of space improved. As makeovers, renovations and tidying up migrates from inside our homes and into our garages, more and more families are discovering Steadyrack as their preferred solution to an ongoing bike storage problem and here's why. How many of us have placed garage organisation/reorganisation on our list of New Year’s resolutions? Yup, me too. Life gets busy, priorities changes and before you know it, the silly season is upon us and it’s time for a new list. As this can be an overwhelming task, bringing in professional garage organisers (yes, that’s a thing) or dividing the work load into more manageable chunks can help organising your garage a reality. Bikes that are parked on the floor or leaning on the wall are a major contributor to garage clutter, which prevents many of us from using the garage for its intended purpose, parking our cars. Even in tighter spaces, a Steadyrack will safely store your bike on the wall, with no lifting and save you enough space to park your car back in rightful space in the garage. Here’s a video that demonstrates how Steadyracks are used successfully in tighter areas where cars are also parked. If you’ve been relegated to a dark corner of your garage to work on your hobbies and DIY projects, as a result of unpacked holiday decorations, unstored sporting equipment (including bikes) and piles of laundry you’re not alone. Many of consider our garages to be a secondary living area or even a primary work space. Decluttering and organising with proper storage and user-friendly workspace, can bring new harmony to a chaotic household. If you add kids into the mix, that chaos can be compounded. Introducing Steadyrack into your garage as your new bike storage solution, will help reduce chaos and ensure that everyone in the family knows where to store their bikes .. no excuses. To further add the new harmonious feel of your garage, you can customise Steadyrack with a. range of coloured End Caps, to ensure that each bike has its own specific rack. And yes, even an 8-year-old can use a Steadyrack, at least according to a recent review from Two Wheeling Tots. If you’re looking for a garage that will make your neighbours jealous, preparing for an open house or simply ready to have your garage as organised and functional as the inside of your house, Steadyrack is a key component to saving space and making your dream garage a reality.


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