Benefits of cycling to work

After shooting our latest promotional video and images at a local End of Trip (EOT) facility, pictured on the left, which included an install of over 600 Steadyracks (a combination of Classic, Fat and Fender), I couldn’t help but wonder what their secret was for promoting and catering to so many cycling commuters.

The health benefits derived from regular exercise, including cycling, are widely known and an obvious no brainer. There is even evidence that mortality rates in cyclists, when compared to non-cyclists, can be as high as 30%.

Additionally, regular exercise including cycling, can; improve lung health, boost brain power, improve mental health and well-being, strengthen the immune system, reduce risk of cancers and heart disease, promote proper weight management, build muscle, improve sleep quality (and don’t we all need that) and even positively influence your sex life.

Lastly, cycling to work can massively reduce stress levels. By combining daily exercise into a cycling commute, there’s more free time outside of work, commuters save money that would be spent on petrol or public transport, the ride will energise and invigorate your work day and you’ll reduce traffic irritation and road rage by leaving the traffic jams to others.

So, the question is how can businesses promote capitalise on these health improvements for their employees, that will in turn, help boost their brain power, reduce sick days and help employees grow their social circles at work through the common denominator of cycling.

Here’s a few high-level options for any company to get started with promoting a cycle friendly commute to work:

1. Start a company-wide “Ride to work” day. Even better, if there is a local organisation that already promotes a “Ride to work “day, encourage employees to participate on behalf of the company.

2. Provide showering facilities. Showers, lockers and proper change rooms are essential for cycling commuters, especially in warmer weather. It might be a bit of an upfront investment, but the long-term returns are priceless. The facilities can also be used by those who may go to a gym before work or during lunch and those that choose to walk or run to work, which should also be encouraged and rewarded.

3. Provide suitable EOT facilities. This should include safe and secure storage for everyone’s bikes (and of course we believe that Steadyrack is the best solution for commercial bike parking, as we have a rack to accommodate every kind of bike). Fitting out an area that is well designed, space saving and convenient is key. Creating space for multiple bicycles, especially when storing the vertically with a Steadyrack, is far more cost efficient than investing money in square footage for car parking.

4. Lead from the top. If the C level staff are cycling to work on a regular basis, leading by example and influencing the culture from the top down, they'll be increasing the likelihood of take up by the staff at large. Any company that promotes itself as being “green”, “eco-friendly” and “paperless” already has a head start with including cycling to work into the their company culture. This will also be a big benefit for future recruiting, as it's a modern value add that today's job seekers are looking for when changing jobs.

Bottom line … cycling to work makes you happier. And I guess that's really the secret for promoting and catering to so many cycling commuters.


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