Bike Parking Install Turning Heads

Fremantle coffee hangout Gesha has recently been 'Steadyracked' with 12 racks being installed at the popular cycling destination. Using a frame system on the exterior of the building, the unique installation is a safe and space saving alternative to traditional bike parking options in the area. Located on the busy Queen Victoria Street in Western Australian's popular tourist destination, Fremantle, the installation is sure to turn a lot of heads! Check out the images below and learn more about bike parking here. 13220603_1388834971143649_2397629311538748300_o 13268543_1388835004476979_1883179673694442642_o 13247936_1388837521143394_4256539272584194093_o 13221395_1388837561143390_6833511609034172373_o-2


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