6 Clever Ways to Store Your Bicycle at Home or Work

If you own a bicycle, you'll know that it can be hard to find a bike storage system that's easy to use, safe and maximises space. Most bike owners don't want a storage solution that will break after one use or require a complicated set of instructions, and that's where we come in. If you're looking for an ultimate bicycle storage solution that's built to last, saves space, won't damage your bike, is easy to install and won't require any heavy lifting, then you'll find it in our Steadyrack bike racks. With three wall mounted vertical bike racks to choose from, there's an endless number of ways you can install and use our racks to suit your needs, from home storage to office bike parking. In this series, you'll see how bike owners across the globe are using our racks to not only store their bikes safely, but more efficiently too. Read on to find out which bike storage system you need.

1. Bike storage in the garage

Do you keep your bikes in the garage? If you're like countless others and use your garage to store your bikes as well as cars, tools, outdoor gear or other items, then you'll need a bicycle storage solution that maximises your space and allows you to easily store your bikes. The best part? There's no lifting required. See what these customers did to store their bikes and make their garages more functional for the whole family. Read more here.

bike feature wall

2. Bicycle feature walls

How much do you love your bike? If you're a cycling enthusiast or simply want to store your bikes indoors, then this storage solution is for you. These customers used Steadyrack bike racks to create stylish feature walls in their homes. If you're looking for a practical, stylish and functional bike storage solution, this option is for you. Read on to see how these beautiful Steadyrack feature wall installations. Read more here.

Bike cabinets

3. Bike cabinets for the cycling enthusiast

Are you currently renting or looking for a more convenient and safer way to store your bike? These Steadyrack customers used our racks to create unique bike storage cabinets, complete with space for your kit, helmet, shoes and more! If you love cycling or don't want to drill into your walls, then this bike cabinet may be the storage solution for you. Read more here.

Bike storage in sheds

4. Bike storage in sheds

If you're short on space or have an army of bikes laying around, then you may want to consider a bike shed. This is a great option for those who don't want to store their bikes indoors or in the garage. With three racks to choose from, you can fit out your bike shed to store all kinds of bicycles, from narrow wheel road bikes, to eBikes and those with fat tyres. Read more here.

cafe bike parking

5. Cafe bike parking

Cafes around the world are choosing to install Steadyrack bike racks for their customers and local cyclists. If you're looking for a an easy to install, safe and secure bike storage system for your cafe or restaurant, then this option is for you. Read more here.

office end of trip

6. Office and end of trip bike parking

Thinking about installing (or upgrading) your business's end of trip facilities? With more people choosing to ride their bikes to work, our Steadyrack bike racks are the easiest, safest and best way to store your bike in and around the office. Our unique pivot feature means that no matter how large or small a space you may have, you can install our racks to suit your office. Read more here.

Are you ready?

Don't leave your bikes leaning against a wall or jammed into a crowded corner of your shed. Get yourself an ultimate bicycle storage solution today and shop online.