Steadyrack and RideWrap: Unbeatable Bike Protection

Steadyrack and RideWrap form the dream team for your bikes! RideWrap, is a rider-owned and operated business with a simple objective: to help riders get the most out of their time riding bikes. Together, Steadyrack's innovative and secure storage solutions perfectly complement RideWrap's commitment to providing top-grade bicycle frame protection – the ultimate combination.


Who are RideWrap?

Much like Steadyrack, RideWrap is rider-owned and was founded as a solution to a need by Dan and Callum in 2018 and born to protect the investment riders make when they buy a bike. RideWrap combined a background in precision engineering and a love for riding bikes to build a system that produces industry-leading frame protection components for all bikes and riders – the first and only bicycle protection film on the market specifically engineered to protect bikes. Not only do they produce a fantastic innovative product, RideWrap are passionate about their brand and customers lifestyles, plus they like to have fun! It is this ethos that connects our 2 brands along with the enjoyment in what we do.


What is RideWrap Bicycle Protection Film?

Bicycle protection film is engineered to protect your bike’s frame and fork from scrapes, scratches, and regular wear and tear. RideWrap protection kits are made up of 3 layers. The topcoat repels stains and sheds mud, the structure protects from rock strikes, crashes and scratches, and the adhesive layer keeps the whole protection film locked in.


How does RideWrap use Steadyrack Bike Storage to Improve Their Workflow?

From Santa Cruz, California, to Golden, Colorado, and just recently, Lilydale, Victoria, Australia, RideWrap has their global stores kitted out with Steadyrack bike racks. Steadyrack bike racks not only store bikes during RideWrap installations but also serve as stunning displays in their many community hubs.

“Steadyrack has proven to be the right tool for the job when it comes to providing easy-to-load, safe, and space-saving vertical bike storage. As we continue to expand our RideWrap install locations around the globe, adding Steadyracks in each build-out is a no-brainer for us.” – Callum Rostron, Co-Founder | Director

Steadyrack goes beyond mere storage; it offers a superior level of protection and security for your bicycles. The snug fit provided by Steadyrack bike racks ensures that your bikes stay securely in place, virtually eliminating the risk of accidental knocks or falls. These features also prevent damage to nearby cars, bikes, or Steadyrack users themselves. Steadyrack's design prioritizes safety, allowing you to store your most prized possessions with confidence, even when taking a well-deserved break with the wheels hung up.

Steadyrack and RideWrap combined provide the ultimate combination of bike security. When hitting the trail, RideWrap will shield your bike from the unexpected bumps and bruises associated with off road escapades, while Steadyrack provides a safe and secure haven for your bike collection post-adventure.


Merge RideWrap's advanced bicycle protection with the efficient Steadyrack bike storage solution to create an unbeatable duo. Your bike collection deserves nothing less!


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