Steadyrack Customer Creates Awesome Bike Storage Cabinet

Michael Thompson, a cyclist from Perth in Western Australia, has built a storage cabinet that has both intrigued and impressed the Steadyrack team. Designed perfectly to fit both of his bikes, the cabinet (which he built himself by the way) has plenty of space for shoes, bidons, kit, tools and more - it's the ideal set up for every cyclist. And even better, the cabinet features our Steadyrack Classic Rack. Previously, Michael designed the cabinet with a hook, however this required him to lift his bike into place, being careful not to hit the handlebars or damage his rims. Now, with his newly installed Steadyrack vertical bike rack, Michael can easily pivot his bike in and out of the cabinet almost 160 degrees, making storage a breeze. Michael also doesn't need to lift his bike anymore, and can simply pull down the rack and roll his bike into place. Know someone who needs an ultimate bike storage solution? If you're looking to revamp your garage, clean up the bike room, or simply free up some extra space around your home, you can purchase our vertical bike racks here.