WA Gravity Girls are Back Again for Another Year

In recent times, mountain biking events across the world have only had a 10-15% female participation rate[1]. These statistics highlight the lack of female representation in MTB events, and as a cycling community, we need to be working to lift these numbers up.
Initiatives that focus on encouraging more people to get out there on their bike is what we’re all about at Steadyrack, which is why we are proud to announce that, for the second year in a row, we are sponsors of the WA Gravity Girls Trail Bliss Festival! What started as a vision to promote women in the sport through Instagram, has turned into an annual, weekend-long event, where women from every corner of Australia come together, ride hard, and build a community.
The first two days of the festival are female-only. This gives beginners a chance to try out some of the mountain biking trails at Linga Longa, an MTB park in Western Australia, with no pressure whatsoever. The weekend isn’t about winning or being the best, it’s about encouraging women to give everything a go, building their confidence, and establishing friendships and the female-MTB community along the way. Giving women the opportunity to test out new skills, try more difficult trails and build their confidence, will help increase participation rates in MTB and Enduro competitions, which is what the entire cycling community wants to see.
It’s about time we started seeing more women shredding the mountain biking trails and riding hard. We’re proud to be sponsors of WA Gravity Girls Trail Bliss again this year and hope to see more women out there than ever before!
[1] https://www.wagravitygirls.com.au/about/